PublyMed is an Open Access scientific publisher established in 2020

About us

We strongly believe in the Open Access model: free, digital, online and exempt from most copyright restrictions, all factors that allow publications to be read, downloaded and remixed by anyone who needs them for his or her own research. In our opinion, Open Access model is the most effective way to distribute research output, bridge the information gap between developing and advanced countries and help improve research productivity worldwide. All authors retain copyright of their work through a Creative Commons Attribution license that clearly states how readers can copy, distribute, and use their attributed research, free of charge. All of which helps make articles available to the widest audience and contributes to the furthering of research in ways that would have seemed impossible two decades ago.

Worldwide Digital Access

Embracing the Open Access model, we provide unrestricted, online access to scholarly research worldwide, enabling free reading, downloading, and remixing to support diverse research needs globally.

Bridging Information Gaps

Our commitment to the Open Access model plays a crucial role in narrowing the information divide between developed and developing countries, fostering equitable access to academic knowledge.


Under the Creative Commons Attribution license, authors retain copyright of their work while granting the public the freedom to copy, distribute, and utilize their research, catalyzing innovation and broadening the reach of articles.

Annali di Stomatologia is currently the first journal of our publishing house.

However, our mission is to increase soon our portfolio in all specialist areas in the scientific field. In this regard, we are committed to continual innovation in research publishing to support the needs of our communities better, ensuring the integrity of the research we publish and championing the benefits of open research for all.


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